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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

CHMA11 Final Exam April 18 2011NameMULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question1What element is being oxidized in the following redox reaction2MnO aqHCOaq MnaqCOg42242AHBCCMnDO2Consider a reaction that has a positive H and a positive SWhich of the following statements isTRUEAThis reaction will be spontaneous only at low temperaturesBThis reaction will be nonspontaneous at all temperaturesCThis reaction will be nonspontaneous only at low temperaturesDThis reaction will be spontaneous at all temperaturesEIt is not possible to determine without more information3Identify the location of oxidation in an electrochemical cellAthe anodeBthe socketCthe cathodeDthe electrodeEthe salt bridge4Which of the pairs of molecules below have the same hybridization on the central atom in eachmolecule The central atom is underlinedABeH NH23BHO HNO2CHOCl ClF3DHCN CO2Enone of these85Determine the HO in a 0265 M HClO solutionThe K of HClO is 29103a9A7710 M5B8810 M4C4910 M6D1310 M10E1110 M6Identify the weakest acidAHIBHFCHBrDHClEnot enough information is available17pOH314 is equivalent to10AH1410BpH114COH7210Dacidic solutionEnone of these8Which one of the following will form an acidic solution in waterANHCl4BNaFCLiIDKNO3ENone of the above solutions will be acidic9Which of the following compounds solubility will not be affected by a low pH in solutionAAgClBCuSCBaCODCaFEMgOH322 10Calculate S for the following reactionThe Sfor each species is shown below the reactionrxnCHg2 HgCHg22226 SJmolK200913072292A2292 JKB1024 JKC3033 JKD2331 JKE5608 JK11Which of the following compounds is the most viscousCHCHOH32CHCHCHCH3223HOCHCHOH22CHOCHCH323AThere is not enough informationBCHCHOH32CCHOCHCH323DCHCHCHCH3223EHOCHCHOH222
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