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Biological Sciences
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Mary Olaveson

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From Seed to Tree IISlide Onefrom primary to secondary plant bodyShoot and root primary growthSlide Twointernal architecture of herbs primary growthSlide Threeprimary growthNeededoPrimary meristemsShoot apical meristemRoot apical meristemoSecondary meristemsVascular cambiumGround meristem Which occurs very close to root and shoot apical meristemsAlso less important but not focused onAxillary meristemLateral root meristemSlide FourSixprimary growth in shootsShoot apical meristemoProtected by leaf primordium eg leaves of cabbage protecting the shoot stubproduces new cells through mitotic cell divisionundergoes elongationdifferentiation and maturation occurs in the zone under the region of elongationodifferentiate betweenleaf primordium
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