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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Plant Cells and Plant Tissues IISlide Oneepidermis rootshootsleavesSlide Twovariation on a themeSlide Three epidermal hairs rootNutrient and water uptakeSome cells instead of being platelet cells become single cell thick root hairsThe zone where the root takes up nutrients are limited to root hairsSlide Fourepidermal glandsGlands are the heads filled with liquid on a stalkGlands are the organ that produces THC in hempcannabis sativaSlide Fivestinging hairsact as protection against herbivoresoStinging nettle made of silica nettles and injects chemicals inside skin of animal attacking itSlide Sixconical epidermisAct as a source of attractionConical epidermis creates a velvety sheenSlide Sevenepidermal plateletsProtection against the sun too much lightSilverberry grows in the open and suffers water shortageoit grows its epidermis into large platelets that protect the epidermis underneath from water lossSlide Eighth2o repellent epidermislotus needs a water repellent surface to ensure effect gas exchangegrowing tiny cone shaped structures that cause water to aggregate and fall off the lotusSlide Nineepidermal sensing hairs
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