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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Animal Behavior 1 animal behaviorWhat is animal behaviorHow to genes and environment interactWhat are the major types of behaviorHow to animals communicate with one anotherWhat behavioral decisions do animals makeWhy do animal societies evolveHow does behavior influence populations 2 how do animals communicate with one anotherWhen animals interact they exchange information o ie animals communicatecommunicationthe reception of and response to signalssignalcauses a change in another animals behavioranimals communicate using signals o acoustical auditory o visual o chemical olfactory o tactile o electrical 3 signalling behaviorssignalling behaviors o innate genetically fixed o learnedmale songbirdshave speciesspecies songs used in territorial displays and courtshipmust hear song when they are nestlings even though they do not sing it until mature 4 what behavioral decisions do animals makeBehavioral decisions o Made in variable environments o Based on a costbenefit approach Assume animal has a limited amount of energy for its activities it cannot perform behaviors if energetic cost is greater than benefitsBenefits lead to improved survivalreproductive success
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