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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Population Ecology 1 population ecologyWhat is ecologyWhat are populationsHow do biologists study populationsHow do ecological conditions affect life historiesWhat factors influence population densitiesHow are populations regulatedHow are populations managed 2 what is ecologyThe study of o The distribution and abundance of organisms o The interactions among organismsBiotic interactions o The interactions between organisms and their nonliving environmentsAbiotic interactions 3 ecology is studied at several levelsEmergent properties become evident as we move from one level to the next higher level o OrganismSurvival and reproductionUnit of natural selection o PopulationPopulation dynamicsUnit of evolution o CommunityInteractions among populations o EcosystemEnergy flux and cycling of nutrients o BiosphereGlobal processes 4 what are populationsTo understand human population growth o Must consider general principles of population ecologyPopulation ecologyStudy of populations in relation to the environment
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