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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Population Interactions and Community Ecology 1 population interactions and community ecologyWhat are communitiesWhat are the major interspecific interactionsHow do species interactions cause trophic cascadesHow do disturbances affect ecological communitesWhat determines species richness in ecological communites 2 what is ecologyrecap 3 what are communitiesStudy of communities in relation to the environmentCommunity o An assemblage of all populations of various species living within a given area where there is the opportunity for potential interactions to occurEg various animals and plants surrounding a watering hole All members of Savanna community in southern Africa 4 what are the major interspecific interactions Populations in communities linked by interspecific interactions o Affect the survival and reproduction of all species involved o Can have different effects on populations involvedPredationPredators benefitCost to preyHerbivoryHerbivores benefitCost to plantsCompetitionCompetition for resourcesCost to both speciesconspecificsetcCommensalismOne population benefitsNo cost to other populationMutualismBoth populations benefitParasitism Parasite benefitCost to host
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