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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Fungi 1 fungiWhat are fungiWhat are the characteristics of fungiHow is the diversity of the fungi classifiedWhy are fungi important 2 history of fungiFungi diverged about 500 million years ago from branch shared with animals 3 what are fungiDiverse and widespread group of organismsEssential for wellbeing of most terrestrial ecosystems o Fungi breakdown organic material and recycle vital nutrients 4 what are characteristics of fungiDespite their diversity fungi share key traits o Fungi are eukaryotesMost important common trait is how they derive nutrition o Fungi are heterotrophs that absorb nutrients from outside of their bodyUse enzymes to break down a large variety of complex molecules into smaller organic compounds that can be absorbed into their cellsVersatility of these enzymes contributes to fungal success 5 fungi are a diverse group of eukaryotesFungal diversity is reflected in their o Lifestyles o Morphologyo Structureo Reproduction 6 fungi exhibit diverse lifestylesDecomposers o Saprotrophs Feed on dead matterParasites o Interaction with living host organismMutualists
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