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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Metabolic Rate1 metabolic rateOverview of cellular metabolismoOxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is producedDirect and indirect CalorimetryoMeasurements of metabolic rateHeat direct measureMetabolic rate and body sizeoLarger the animal the more food it requires the greater the metabolic rate As a wholeoMetabolic rate as a function of body weight smaller animals require more energy on a per weight basis than a larger animal2 overview of cellular respirationStarting with glucoseoOxidation of glucoseGlucoseOHOCO222Glycolysis produces pyruvatePyruvate converted into acetyl CoAMoves through the citric acid cycleoOr krebs cycleoProduces CO NADH and FADH2oNADH and FADH carry electrons through the electron transport chainElectron transport chain Ultimate goal of ATP production3 aerobic glycolysistotal 2 ATPGlucose 6CGlucose6phosphate 6CoRequires 3 ATP3 ADP Fructose6phosphate 6CFructose16diphosphate 6CoRequires 3 ATP3 ADPDihydroxyacetone phosphate 2x3CGlyceraldehyde3phosphate 2x3Co2 NAD2H2 NADH2 H213Diphosphoglyceric acid 2x3Co2 ADP2 ATP3Phosphoglyceric acid 2x3C2Phosphoglyceric acid 2x3C2Phosphglyceric acid 2x3CPhosphoenolpyruvic acid 2x3Co2 ADP2 ATPPyruvic acid 2x3C4 krebs citric acid cyclePer glucoseo6 CO2o8 NADHHo2 FADHHo2 ATPDont need to know this pathway for this coursePyruvic acid is converted into acetyl coA
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