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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Thermoregulation 1 thermoregulationTypes of heat exchangeCategories of thermoregulationPoikilothermyectothermyBehavioural thermoregulationFreeze tolerance and avoidanceEndothermyhomeothermyThe vertebrate thermostatTemperature setpointThermoneutral zoneDefenses against the heatDefenses against the coldHibernation 2 types of heat exchangeFour major mechanisms by which heat can be exchanged between animal and its environmentoDry heat transportNo loss of waterConductionoDirect transfer of heat between animal and environment two physical bodiesSurface areaGradientHeat conductionConvective heat lossoHeat loss to moving stream of air or waterMaintains large gradientRadiation oTransfer of heat between two physical bodies that are not in direct contactFire radiating heat towards a personEvaporative heat transferInvolves loss of waterLiquid becomes gas heat lossoRelease of energy in form of heat exothermic reactionRate of dry heat transfer is proportional to T bodyT ambient3 categories of thermal relationsPoikilothermyoBody temperature fluctuates with environmentoUsually associated with ectothermyEctothermy oBody heat derived from environmentHomeothermyoBody temperature remains constantoUsually associated with endothermyHumans are endotherms and homeotherms Benthic fish is a homeothermic animalIts environment is at a thermally stable temperature oSo the body temperature doesnt changeoDoes not have the capacity to metabolise heat
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