nucleus, mitochondria

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Biological Sciences
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Rene Harrison

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Structure To enter: Destinations Chloroplast 1. folded by HSP70 (chaperone For Stroma: protein) - HSP60 refolds protein 2. transit peptide binds to its and stroma-targeting receptor (located next to a domain is cleaved by a TOC : translocon of outer protease chloroplast membrane) 3. HSP70 in intermembrane For Thylakoid Lumen: space keeps protein unfolded & - stroma-targeting binds to 2 transit peptide domain is cleaved to receptor on inner membrane of reveal thylakoid transfer chloroplast domain 4. move through TIC - protein is transported into lumen-bacterial (tranlocon of inner membrane) complex translocon-type machinery Mitochondria 1. folded by HSP70 For IMM integral 2. transit peptide binds to its proteins:
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