Lab Exam Notes: Lab 2- Axial Skeleton and Surface Anatomy

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Biological Sciences
Connie Soros

LAB 2 – AXIAL SKELETON AND SURFACE ANATOMY (HEAD coronal AND VERTEBRAL COLUMN) STATION 1 - SKULL CRANIUM  SUTURES o Immovable fibrous joints that form boundaries between the cranial bones o 3 types: 1. coronal saggital 2. saggital 3. lambdoid  CRANIAL BONES o Frontal o Parietal o Occipital o Temporal o Sphenoid o Ethmoid  FACIAL BONES o Maxilla lambdoid o Palatine o Zygoma Palatine zygoma maxilla  DISTINGUISHING FEATURES o Orbit o Anterior cranial fossae o Middle cranial fossae o Posterior cranial fossae o Foramen magnum o Mastoid process o Zygomatic process o Styloid process o Occipital condyles o External occipital protuberance o External auditory (acoustic meatus) o Dentition (teeth) Zygomatic process Forame n External Mastoid acoustic Styloid meatus process Dentition (teeth) external occipital protuberance Occipital condyles Coranoid process articular condyle (condylar process) Mandibular foramen MANDIBLE  DISTINGUISHING FEATURES o Mandibular foramen o Coranoid process o Articular condyle (condylar process) Mental foramen o Mental foramen o Dentition (teeth) STATION 2 – VERTEBRAL COLUMN  BASIC STRUCTURE o Vertebral body o Vertebral canal (foramen) o Lamina o Pedicle o Spinous process o Transverse process o Superior and inferior articular processes o Face (zygopophyseal) joints  ARTICULATED SPINE o Intervertebral foramen o Cervical o Thoracic o Lumbar o Sacral curves  CERVICAL REGION o Transverse foramen o Forked (bifid) spinous process o Orientation of articular processes  THORACIC REGIOIN o Orientation of spines o Facets on transverse processes for rib articulation o Orientation of articular processes  LUMBAR REGION o Orientation of articular processes  SACRUM o Sacro-iliac joint  COCCYX  INNOMINATE BONE o Anterior superior iliac spine o Sacro-iliac joint o Acetabulum o Pubic symphysis o Pubic ramus o Obturator foramen o Ischial tuberosity o Ischial spine  RIB o Proximal end (closest to spine) o Distal end o Articular facets  QUESTION: W
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