Lab Exam Notes: Lab 3- Appendicular Skeleton and Surface Anatomy

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Biological Sciences
Connie Soros

spine LAB 3APPENDICULAR SKELETON AND SURFACE ANATOMY UPPER AND LOWER LIMBS AND JOINTS Latreral borderSTATION 1BONES OF THE UPPER LIMBSCAPULA o Inferior angle Medial o Medial and lateral border borders o Spine Inferior angle o Acromion o Coracoid process o Glenoid processCLAVICLE o Conoid tubercleacromion Coracoid process Intertubercular grooveGreatertubercule hea HUMERUS d o Head superior articular surface o Greaterlesser tuberosity o Intertubular groove Lesser tubercule o Deltoid tuberosity o Olecranon fossa o Capitulum o Trochlea o Mediallateral epicondylesRADIUSULNACARPALSMETACARPALS trochleaPHALANGES Lateral DeltoidepicondyltuberosOlecranonity e capitulum fossaMedialepicondyle RADIUS Ulna o Head of radius Radius o Radial tuberosity o Styloid process o Dorsal tuberculeULNA o Olecranon process o Coranoid process o Radial notch o Head o Styloid process Styloid process Styloid processof ulna of ulna
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