BIOB33 Lab exam Muscles chart with origin, insertion and function

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Biological Sciences
Greg Vanlerberghe

MUSCLE ORIGIN INSERTION FUNCTION Pectoralis Major On the sternum Humerus of Adduction of foreleg foreleg Towards the chest Pectoralis Minor On the sternum Proximal end of Adducts and (deep to pectoralis major) humerus retracts the foreleg Latissiumus Dorsi Most fibers Proximal end of Moves foreleg originate from the the humerus caudally and lumbar and lower dorsally thoracic vertebrae External Oblique From the On ventral Fibers un in an posterior ribs and aponeurosis near oblique direction ( lumbodorsal the linea alba used in breathing) fascia Most superficial of the abs Internal Oblique Deep to external Run in the opposite oblique direction of the external obliques Transverse abdominus Deep to internal Fibers run oblique transversely from right to left Rectus Abdominus Pair of muscles that run from pubis to sternum External intercostals Superficial to internal intercostals. Raise the rib cage during inhalation(deep to lats and external oblique) Internal Fibers run in the Intercostals opposite direction to externals. Lowers the rib cage during expiration Brachiocephalic Back of the neck, the Humerus Moves forelimb anteriorly mastoid process to be exact Sternum Known as the breast bone and point of origin for many of these muscles Thyroid cartilage Originating point for several muscles Sternohyoid Sternum Hyoid bone Depresses the hyoid bone. MOST SUPERFICIAL NECK MUSCLE Sternothyroid(5) Sternum Thyroid cartilage Depresses the larynx Thyroid gland(7) Reddish gland. Part of endocrine system Thyrohyoid(8) Thyroid cartilage Hyoid bone Depresses the hyoid bone and elevates larynx for speech and swallowing Sternomastoid Sternum Mastoid process on The large V shaped either side of the head band that flexes the head to the chest Digastric Temporal and occipital Mandible Acts to lower the jaq bone Brachiocephalic(1) Mastoid Humerus Move limbs anteriorly Acromiodeltoid Scapula Proximal end of humerus Raises the humerus Spinodeltoid Spine of Proximal end of humerus Supercial and also aids scapula to raise the humerus Scapula Humerus Extends the elbow Triceps brachii, long head Triceps brachii lateral head(5) Proximal end Extends the elbow of humerus Brachioradialis(7) Assits in the flexing of the elbow Extensors Lower or On digits or metacarpal Muscles are extensors of distal portion the digits and front feet 8.Extensor Carpi Radialis of the 9. Extenso digitorium communis humerus 10. Extensodigitorum lateralis 11.Extensor Carpi ulnaris 12.Antebrachial Fascia Trapezius(1) Occipital bone, cervical Spine of the scapula Superficial dorsal vertebrae and thoracic muscle vertebrae Retracts the scapula towards the spine Spine of the scapula The ridge that you feel in your back Supraspinatus Scapula Proximal end of Adducts the humerus humerus Infraspinatus scapula Proximal end of the Found below the spine humerus of the scapula. Rotates the humerus laterally Latissimus dorsi These muscles are deep to the pectoral
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