Lab Exam Notes: Lab 7- Reproductive System & Urinary Systems

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Biological Sciences
Connie Soros

Lab 8 – Reproductive System & Urinary Systems  Kidneys  Adrenal glands (don’t need to locate these) L. Ovary kidney  Urinary bladder  Ureters ureter Uterine FEMALE GENITOURINARY SYSTEM horns  Kidneys o form urine  Ureters R. o carry urine from the Ovary kidneys to bladder Bladd  Bladder o stores urine until it can be eliminated  Urethra o carries urine away from the bladder  Ovaries o Female gonads paired, found posterior to the kidneys o Size of the head of a small nail o Kidney bean shaped Urogeni  Oviducts (fallopian tubes = uterine tubes) tal o Small, coiled tubes Sinus o Opening to an ovarian tube is known as its ostium o Fimbrae: finger like projections Vagina around each ostium Urethr  Uterine horns o Oviducts becoming wider tubes = uterine horns o Tracing them further = uterus o Anatomy of the uterine horns allow for pregnancies with large numbers of fetuses  Uterine cervix o The cervix is the constricted area of the uterus that connects the uterus to the vagina  Vagina o Lies dorsal to the urethra  Urogenital sinus (vestibule) o This is the organ formed where the urethra and va
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