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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Connie Zavitz

Latissimus dorsi and pectoralis major do not originate on the scapula but the axial skeleton They are the primary attachments of theAre the prime movers of the glenohumeral joimt They are antagonist with respect to arm flexion and joint but they work synergisticallyBall and socket joint example glenohumeral joint the spherical articulating head of one bone fits into teh rounded cuplike socket of a second bone Permits movement in 3 axes is a Multiaxial jointELBOW JOINT Hinge Joint uniaxialjoint permits movement in only one plane or axesThe biceps brachiiis a powerful flexor muscles in the anterior forearm It flexes the forearm and POWER SUPINATOR when elbow is fixedPronationpalm is facing posteriorly medial rotation of the arm the radius and ulna are crossed to form an XSupination palm is facing anteriorlyLaterally rotates the arm Tricpes brachii is the three headed muscle on the posterior surface of the armPrime extensor of this forearmAntagonistic to biceps brachiiOnly the long head crosses the Gh JOINT where it helps extend the humerus Both the protonator teres and protonator quadrates rotate the radius over the ulna to protonate teh arm Are located in the anterior forearm Antagonistic to SUPINATOR are located in the posterior of the arm The supinators work with the biceps brachii to protonate the arm the distal end of the radius is near the thumb The distal end of the ulna is on the side of the little fingerAnterior muscles of the wrist originate on the medial epicondyle of the humerus via a common flexor tendon Muscles of the posterior component originate on the lateral epicondyles via a common extensor tendon Muscles in the posterior compartment tend to extend the wrist fingers etcProtonator quadrates Odistalof ulna
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