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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Rosada Silva

Lecture 9: Endocrine System I Readings: pgs. 122-137 Key Thoughts  Overview of endocrine system Evolution and diversity Mechanism of action Endocrine reflexes Pituitary glands  Connection between Nervous System and Endocrine System…  The nervous system directs an immediate response to stimuli, usually by coordinating the activities of other organ systems  Could lead to a long-term change directed by the endocrine system  Both the endocrine and nervous system… o Rely on chemicals that bind to receptors on target cells o Share many chemical messengers  Norepinephrine and epinephrine can be neurotransmitters and hormones o Regulated primarily by negative feedback mechanisms o Share the common goal to preserve homeostasis  By coordinating and regulating activities of other cells, tissues, organs and systems  Vertebrate endocrine system o The endocrine system includes all the endocrine cells and tissues of an animal o Endocrine cells are glandular secretory cells that release their secretions into the blood Secretory Tissue Hormone Chemical Class Effects Pineal gland Melatonin Amine Circadian and seasonal rhythms Hypothalamus (clusters of secretory neurons) Trophic hormones Peptides Regulation of anterior pituitary Posterior pituitary (extensions of Breast & uterus in mammals: also Oxytocin Peptides involved in social bonding & behaviour hypothalamic neurons) Vasopressin Peptides Water reabsorption in excretory system Vasotocin (fish, Activates similar to both oxytocin and amphibians, birds) Peptides vasopressin Anterior Pituitary gland Prolactin Peptides Milk production in mammals, osmoregulation, growth, metabolism Growth Hormone (GH) Peptides Growth, metabolism Adrenocorticotropic Peptides
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