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Biological Sciences
Shelley A.Brunt

lec01 Protein modification 1 proteins2 carbohydrates Role of water 1 everything in an animal is an aqueous environment Office hours 2 S563A 3 bruntutscutorontoca 4 open door policy a tuesday 101134 b wednesday 45 c thursday 1112 5 appointmentGrade breakdown 1 participation a 7 2 midterm one a 21 3 midterm two a 30 4 final exam a 42 Final exam 1 cumulative in concepts but not specifically testing topics before midterm two 2 testing cumulative in concept but not content3 lecture based a emphasis on particular slides Topic one Introduction to biochemistry1 chemistry of living things 2 enzymes and biological systems3 proteins involved in structure and function of processes4 fields involved multidisciplinarya cell and molecularb thermochemistry c organic d genetics 5 emphasis on a biology point of view b chemistry What is biochemistry 1 tools of chemistry and physics applied to biology living cells a evolving science 2 require knowledge of multiple disciplines 3 require a background in chemistry 4 interplay between related fieldsa what did you learn about this enzyme i interaction of coursesii all courses are interrelated used in D level coursesChemistry of life 1 four key concepts a non covalent bonds i form and break bonds quicklyb small molecule subunits nucleotide amino acidlarge macromolecules peptides c formation of macromolecules usually reversible by various enzymesi phosphatases and kinases d ATP to generate energy i energy is often hydrolysis of ATP Diversity and similarity 1 TATA box binding proteins of organisms separated by billions of years of evolution a RNA polymerase i solfolobus acidicaldarius1 archaeabacteriaii arabidopsis thalianaiii homo sapiensb high level of similarityi function determined by protein structureii small variations in subunits still fold similarlyBuilding blocks of life
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