BIOC14 : Concise Charts of People, Disorders and Genes for FINAL EXAM

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Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

Who What Steven Gould y Analogy of spandrel to explain basis of language y Metaphor for explaining fallacy of assuming relationship between phenotype and genotype and the evolutionary mechanisms behind the two Tchomskey y Argues that ability of language may have evolved as a spandrel it evolved as an adaptation of other processes in the brain that are involved in complex thinking other ppl disagree and say there are direct selective pressures on language itself in humans Mendel y Developed way to quantitatively assess impact of genes on phenotype y Traits are determined by discrete units that are inherited from parents to offspring Darwin y Environmental selection y Organisms with more adaptive traits survive and leave more offspring Malphis y Agriculture and human popn limited amount of area whereas human popn is growing and therefore competing for area Francis Galton y Whether cognitive traitsbehavior are also subject to natural selection and how to study that y Expanded Darwins theory to cognitive traits intelligence inherited from parents to offspring y Hereditary genius first human behavioral genetic investigation y Founder ofo Behavioral genetics o Biometry biostats correlation regression to the mean normal distribution o Fingerprint analysis o Twin studies o Eugenicsshould be controlled by gvt Bertrand Russell John y Social elites who supported eugenics Maynard Keynes Winston Churchill HG Wells Linus Pauling Teddy Roosevelt Oliver Wendell Homes John Watson y Nurture side dozen healthy infants Locke y Experimental psychology metabula rasa mostly nurture side Pavlov y Classical conditioning y Foundation of behavior analysis one of the first to start experimental psychology and to quantitatively measure beh Skinner y Operant conditioning y Superstitious beh in animals Lorenz y Ethology y Duck imprinting on him Tinbergen y Demonstrated fixed action patternspattern of beh that seems to be innate in animals y Ethology y Lordosis Thomas Hunt Morgan y Opposed eugenics discovered genes were on chromosome y Eugenicsfuzzy discipline and you dont know what youre looking for y It wasnt the fact that there was no basis for this kind of
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