Cell histology final exam-compare and contrast

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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

review lecture 11282011 83200 AM Describe the cerebellum Contrast eosinophil and purkinje fibreContrast erythrocyte and ganglion cellDescribe chromatophore y Modified several steps to make melaninlacking this enzyme will stop the first step to convert the substitute into melanin into lack the colour black less intenseivebut still have this celly Describe mast cell y Exposure to antigen to make IgE made by the mast cells y Next time when you expose to the antigen the mast cell is already primed and grabed onto those second IgE which will be crossed linked by the two igE with one antigeny Describe veins y Describe histologicallythe three layers not just the functiony Go down to the layersy Rbeak each layer downy What kinf of cell staiing and stainingyComoare and contrast reticular tissuehyaline cartilagey Both CT y Reticular fibre type III collagen side by side with type II collagen in the hyaline cartilagey Ground substance more abundant in hyaline cartilage why its basophilicy Stains sivler and HE y Cell typeyDescribe a gangion y What else to add to the lecture notes
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