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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

Long Answer Part BA neuron along with the specific muscle fibers that it innervates is called a motor unitA single neuron may innervate several to a hundred or more muscle fibers The larger the motor unitthe more muscle fibers the neuron innervates Muscles capable of sophisticated micro movements have the smallest ratio between muscle fibers and neuron and thus have small motor units oSince we have developed more delicate and sophisticated movements in our finger compared to our back we can predict that the finger will have a smaller motor unit then the back where the movements are larger and have less micro movementsthe movements are lagers in the back Therefore neurons innervating the back will have large motor unitswhere as those innervating the finger will have small motor units Part ADemdrtes reicieve motor information via electrical impulses The impulses are carried through the perkaryon Enters axon through axon hillock The axons utilize salutatory conductionto allow action potel to jum from node of ranvier to node of ranvier The single mylinated axon leaves the ventral horn The schwann cells wrap themselves around the tellodendriathe basement membrane of the schwann cells fuses with that of the sarcolema at the neuromuscular junctionoHelping to create a isolated microecnviroment for the interaction of the terminal bouton with the sarcolema oThe terminal bouton sits within this neuromuscular junctionoThe muscle fiber is bent inward at the neuromuscular junction oCreating a grove for the terminal bouton to sit in oThere is 2030nm space btw the two Created by the junctional folds of the muscle fiberThe nerve impulse carried through the neuron into the tellodendria causes an influx of calcium into the terminal bouton causes the fusion of synaptic AcH vesicles with the membrane of the terminal bouton This will cause the release of AcH into the synaptic cleft ACh binds with ACh receptors found within the synaptic cleft This triggers a localized plasma membrane depolarization
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