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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

I wrotetyped as much as he said in classI would then memorize his lecture notes and my notesI then would read the book for stuff I didnt understandI then made up exam questions using my notes I would also look for DIAGRAM PICS on the internet This course is about structureMAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENT TYPE OF STAINS AND THE STRUCTURE OF STUFFOk so here are my quiz questions and answers Sorry got lazy with scanning stuffQuiz1 Epithelium 1List four types of junctional complexes found in the lateral region of the epithelial cell 4mrks2What are the characteristic features of epithelial cells list at least 3 3mrks 3When looking at a slide of a stratified epithelium you notice that a layer ofcells closet to the basement membrane appears columnar but the cells inthe layer at the surface appear to bulge into the lumen How would you classify this epithelium and why 2mrks answer its transitional 4Name the epithelium that you would find lining the outer surface of the small intestine be specific Quiz2 Connective tissue 1List three distinguishing characteristics of Plasma cells 3mrks2Name two types of adipocytes 2mrks3List two main components found in the granules of mast cells 2mrks 4Your lab partner is viewing a tissue under a microscope and describes it as follows I see a lot of thin and highly branched fibres arranged like a mesh with cells in between them All the fibres are stained black what type of tissue is she looking at Which type of stain is likely being used 5What is the name of the stem cell that generates most of the cells in connective tissue Quiz3 1While viewing a slide you notice some cartilage that lacks a perichondrium and has fairly round isogenic groups Name the cartilage you are looking at 1mrk2While viewing a slide you notice some cartilage that lacks a perichondrium and has elongatedlinear isogenic groups What type of cartilage are you looking at 1mrk 3Name three cell types only found in bone 4Where would you find chondroblasts
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