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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

Study Guide – Cartilage – Lec 04 List the 4 properties of cartilage? What is the composition of cartilage? Chondroblasts: how do they stain and why that staining, what do they develop from, what is their mature form and how do they mature? How do chondrocytes look, how do they stain, what is their function, how do they divide, what type of groups do they form, what region do they reside in? What are the 2 ways that cartilage can grow? What are the processes called, and what happens in each process. How many types of cartilage are there and what are their names? What are their classifications based on? What are the 4 areas of the body where hyaline cartilage is found? What does hyaline cartilage stain and why? What are the different layers surrounding chondrocytes and with what intensity do they stain? Name 2 areas of the body where elastic cartilage is found and why are they found there? What is the difference between hyaline, elastic, and fibrocartilage? What are the components of osteoid. List 6 functions of bone and if possible, provide examples.
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