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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

Study Guide – Blood Vessels – Lec 07 What does the blood vascular system consist of? What is the function? What are the 3 divisions of the blood vascular system and explain. Compare an artery and a vein in terms of their function and specializations. What are the 3 layers of blood vessels and what would you find in each of the 3 layers? Describe the histology of the endothelium and also its properties. Define Atherosclerosis What is another name for internal elastic membrane, are the components of IEM and properties it may have? Compare the internal elastic membrane b/w an artery and vein. In what cases is it seen in both? Comparison chart b/w the three diff layers. What does the TM consist of and describe the ECM btw an artery and vein. What type of fibers make up the TM? Note: See how tightly packed the smooth muscle fibers are in order to differentiate and artery from a vein: If tightly packed in layers: artery; if fibers are se
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