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Biological Sciences
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Stefan Rusyniak

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Erythrocytes Neutrophil Eosinophil Basophil Monocyte Lymphocyte Platelets (Red Blood Cell/ Red Blood Corpusle) Size/ 7.5-8.5 um -12-15 um 12-15 um 12-15um Avg. 18um -about same - 3-5um in Diameter diameter diameter diameter diameter diameter size as RBC diameter -Twice as big as -largest of -6-15um (txt) -not a cell RBC the WBCs -size but determined fragments of by amount of cells cytoplasm Abundance -43% of total -40-60% of -1-4% of - <1% of -2-8% of -20-40% of Blood vol leukocytes leukocytes in leukocytes leukocytes leukocytes -44% out of -most common blood smear -least -2d most total 45% WBC in blood -not very common common formed stream common -rare; is see a leukocyte elements of lot of blood basophils on slide, patient is dead Lifespan 120 days -avg. 1 week -remain in lifespan bloodstream (apoptosis) for about 3 -single-use cells days -remnants after death: pus Nucleus -Enucleate and -multilobed -bilobed -bilobed -very large, Round, fairly none amitotic -4-7 lobules in nucleus nucleus but eccentric, dense nucleus -central area: mature cell difficult to light-staining region of pallor; - # of lobules = see nucleus lighter staining; maturity -horseshoe/ fewer protein kidney bean shaped -light staining nucleus (differenti- ates into osteoblasts and macro- phages) Function -transport of -one of very -associated -have cell -very active -to stop oxygen via first cells on with allergic surface during viral bleeding into haemoglobin site of infection reactions, immunoglo- infections; an subendotheli protein to cells -very common parasitic bins – IgE increase in al tissues and tissues in bloodstream infections, which bind production of -hyalomere: -production -stores and chronic to FC lymphocytes contractile controlled by glycogen; uses inflammation receptors -recognize component EPO hormone glycolysis for -produces -function and respond -dense-cored -is flexible energy histaminase, same way as to antigens granules: -microsco-pist’s -can make free aryl- mast cells -in tissues, serotonin ruler radicals/ sulphatase -basophils associated histamine: a respiratory (control and mast with immune vasoconstrict burst allergic rxns) cells have system or; alpha -biconcave disk -specialized to -involved in different -3 diff types: Tgranules: shape exit controlling precursors so lymphocytes, growth bloodstream activity
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