Comparison Charts Of Veins vs. Arteries as well as Capillaries

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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

Lecture 7 – Blood Vessels TYPES OF BLOOD VESSELS ARTERIES VEINS Blood Flow Carries blood away from the heart. Returns blood to the heart. Blood Pressure - Higher pressure. - Low pressure and often flows - Needs more muscle and against gravity. elasticity to withstand pressure - Needs valves to prevent and smooth out blood flow. backflow, and a way to propel blood. Amount of Blood - Contain the majority of blood in Vessel vessels. - Storage of blood— ~70% of blood is in the venous system. Layers - Visible Internal and External - Thinner T. Intima. Elastic Membranes - IEM is rarely visible, only in (IEM/EEM). large veins. - Thicker T. Media than T. - T. Adventitia thickest layer in Adventitia veins - 40-50 layers of SM in largest - 5-15 layers of SM in largest vein artery (aorta) (vena cava) - T. Media thinner and contains fibroblasts Shape - Round - Collapsed, oval - Small lumen - Flattened, oblong - Thick walls - Large lumen - Valves present (covered by endothelium) - Thin walls Contents - Lots of smooth muscle - Dense Irregular CT (e.g., - Dense Irregular CT fibroblasts, collagen, etc.) - Vasa vassorum present in T. - More elaborate vasa vassorum Adventitia - Nervi vascularis TYPES OF ARTERIES
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