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Biological Sciences
Joanne Nash

lec09 binding basics (came in late - 9:19) 1. determine how many receptors are present by.... major types of experiments 2. saturation binding experiments 3. competitive binding experiments actual lecture starts (9:27) the nervous system 1. ... evolution of the brain 2. nerve net  central nervous system  simple brain  development of the brain  development of the cortices anatomy terminology 3. dorsal superior 4. ventral inferior 5. ventral anterior 6. dorsal posterior 7. rostral anterior 8. caudal posterior development of the nervous system 1. stages a. development of the neural tube and the neural plate embryonic day 20 2. neural plate cells migrate to midline a. results in elevation b. deepens the neural groove day 23 3. neural tube structure differentiates into different cells week 4 4. main point: anterior portion.... week 6 5. formation of seven major regions week 11 6. cerebrum largest component a. surrounds other aspects of the brain 7. birth a. formation of brain convolutions i. sulci ii. gyri three protective layers surround the CNS 1. bone a. irregular bones in spinal cord b. flat bones 2. connective tissue 3. fluid bone protects the central nervous system 1. skull is not one bone 2. it is pieces of brain fused together by connective tissue meninges support and protect the CNS 1. three layers a. aspects of each layer that support i. dura mater 1. looks like plastic on the surface of brain 2. contains veins that carry deoxygenated blood in sinuses away 3. associated with sinuses ii. arachnoid mater 1. fibers in the subarachnoid space 2. acts as a spring -- think mattress 3. also contains fluid within the space 4. more complex than dura mater 5. dorsal area composed of arachnoid cells 6. makes contact with pia mater via arachnoid traveculae 7. space between fibers filled with CSF iii. pia mater 1. thin layer sticki
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