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Biological Sciences
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Winter 2014 Course Marking Scheme BIOC34: Human Physiology II Lecture 1. Midterm Exam, 35% (covers lecture material only) 2. 5 Informal Simulated Laboratory Reports (20%)  Reports are due by 4 PM at the latest on the due date mentioned above. They can also be submitted prior to the due date (for those who are not necessarily on campus on the due date).  Late reports will be penalized minus 25% per day late.  Submit reports to S526. There will be drop-boxes for the reports. i. Cardiovascular Physiology; due Friday, January 24 ii.Cardiovascular Dynamics, due Friday, February 7 iii.Respiratory System Mechanics, due Friday, March 7 iv. Renal System Physiology, due Friday March 21 v. Acid-Base Balance, due Friday, April 4 3. Final Exam, 45% (covers lecture material only)  If the fina
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