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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Lecture 8 Study Notes Slide 2 Decreased Mean Arterial Pressure is sensed by the baroreceptors o Baroreceptors sense MAP pressure changes: Decrease parasympathetic activity: increasing heart rate (As parasymp decreases the Hr) Increase sympathetic activity: increases heart rate (due to pacemaker potential threshold being breeched faster); stroke volume increases [cardiac muscle cells have greater Ca; decrease time in systole],Total Peripheral Resistance increases due to vasoconstriction As a result of the above, MAP increases Slide 3 If MAP increases: o Baroreceptors sense pressure change Decrease sympathetic innervation: decreases HR, decreases stroke volume, and decreases TPR cause smooth muscles relax (vasodilation) Increase parasympathetic innervations?? The above results in decreased MAP Slide 4 We have 2 sets of baroreceptor cells: 1. Aortic arch baroreceptors: sense blood pressure changes in systematic circulation 2. Carotid sinus baroreceptors: sense blood pressure of blood flowing to the brain Slide 5 Both sets of baroreceptors innervate the medulla and NTS (cardiovascular centre)
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