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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Lecture 11 Study Notes (Slide 25 onwards...) and Lecture 12 Slide 26 (Lecture 11) Hypoxia: decreased inspired oxygen Hyperoxia: increased inspired oxygen Normoxia: normal inspired oxygen Hypocapnia: decreased inspired carbon dioxide Hypercapnia: increased inspired carbon dioxide Normocapnia: normal inspired carbon dioxide Slide 27 Gas Concentration = partial pressure X k o K = solubility co-efficient o When calculating partial pressure, if Relative Humidity is not zero, you must subtract it from the partial pressure of the gas in question Slide 29 (SLIDE 2 LECTURE 12) O2 uptake in the lungs is perfusion limited o What does perfusion limited mean exactly? Perfusion limitation: limiting factor that gets oxygen to tissues is rate of which blood is flowing from pulmonary circulation to the tissues. The blood gets oxygen to the tissues, and gets rid of Carbon Dioxide from tissues So blood flow limiting factor in perfusion limitation? Yes o O2 uptake occurs in 13 of the capillary CO2 excretion likewise is perfusion limited (blood flow limited) o Excretion occurs in 13 of the capillary too
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