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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Lecture 15 study Notes Slide 1 Four different types of EEG patterns 1. Alpha Waves (10 Hz) Relaxed state of wakefulness (eyes closed *decreases with eyes open) 2. Beta waves (14 30 Hz) Produced by visual stimulation and mental activity (faster than alpha waves) 3. Theta waves (4-8 Hz) Occurs during sleep Occurs with severe emotional stress i.e. not normal in healthy people 4. Delta waves (<4 Hz) Prominent during very deep sleep Rare and often pathological during wakefulness Slide 2 EEG biofeedback treatment: trains patients to produce desired types of EEG waves o To treat ADD Patient is trained to produceBeta waves (associated with concentration), rather than theta waves (associated with daydreaming) o To treat anxiety Patient is trained to producealpha waves (associated with relaxation), rather than beta waves (concentration and anxiety) Slide 3 Reason why we sleep is not fully known
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