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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Lecture 17 Study Notes The Glomerular Filtration Rate of humans is 180 litresday o GFR = 180 Lday o Urine produced = 1.5 Lday o Remaining 178.5 L is reabsorbed by the kidneys back into the blood to be utilized by the body o GFR in a healthy person remains relatively constant o Intrinsic regulation of GFR 1. Myogenic regulation of smooth muscle on afferent arteriole leading into glomerulus Through contraction of vascular smooth muscle on afferent arteriole Increase in MAPIncrease in afferent arteriole pressureIncrease in stretch of afferent arterioleContraction of smooth muscleIncreased resistancedecreased blood flowDecreased glomerular capillary hydrostatic pressure (Pglom inherently favours filtration)Maintains GFR 2. Tubuloglomerular feedback Alters resistance in afferent arteriole by causing macula densa (*Remember them?) to release paracrine substances that cause vasoconstriction around afferent arteriole Increase in MAPIncrease in afferent arteriole pressureIncrease in PglomIncrease in GF pressureIncrease GFRIncreased flow at Macula Densa (which shows increased flow in distal tubule)release of paracrine substancesVasoconstriction of smooth muscle on afferent arteriole 3. Mesangial cell contraction Mesangial cells are modified smooth muscle cells found on glomerular capillaries
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