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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

09042011 10:07:00 Lecture 1 - When trying to understand the behavior of a species, it is important to make hypotheses, then predictions of the expected results should your hypothesis be correct. - Questions need to be answered in terms of fitness and lifetime reproductive success o Fitness o Lifetime reproductive success - Everything is driven by costs and benefits to the individual - Costs and benefits to the individual along with the effects to its offspring Lecture 2 Development and Genetics of Behaviour - Variability and Heritability of behavior: Can be measured as discrete or quantitatively for example numbers of individuals who possess the trait. Can be measured as continuous or qualitatively for example eye colour of individuals, measured on a continuous scale - Traits can be seen as a being heritable if: there is a genetic basis of behavior, if there is variation for that trait in a population, and the trait allows for an increase in fitness - Remember* That just because you have the gene for a certain trait does not mean that it will be manifested - Remember* That a change in gene expression means that there is a change in protein expression, this may or may not change a change in behavior. - The interaction between the protein that have been expressed need to change in order for behavior to change - Genetics can be the vehicle which gives rise to a certain trait but there is also environmental effects - There are certain behaviours that are controlled by genetics, and there are others that are controlled by the environment - Proof that could suggest that a certain trait is genetically controlled is the effect of natural selection of that trait www.notesolution.com
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