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Biological Sciences
Rudy Boonstra

Global Climate Change Exam Notes Lecture OneImpact of Global Climate Change st Problems of the 21 centuryo High energy physics o Poverty o Population growth o Climate change o Extinction of species EP memory loss patient o Cannot remember old memories that he formed after the age of 30 and cannot form new memories Virus took out two chunks of his brain which allows him to remember and form new memories o He thinks hes thirty People especially children like consistency but the world is constantly changingGlobal change encompasses climate change species extinction land usage and effects of pollutantsHuman population is increasing RAPIDLYErlich wrote a book about population explosion o We fire on short term happiness and ignore the long term consequences o Evolving under evolutionary handicap o We respond to sight and certain eventsVisual creatures we believe what we can see only o Cannot update persons profile until we see themNot adapt to see the change thats constantly happeningDo animals perceive time o Animals are stuck in time they are living in the NOWWe are moving towards a very polarized system o Believing in one view blocks other possible views that may or may not be betterWhats the BEST conservative policy to have 1 Protect your capitalThe first rule of all financial mangers is to live off interest and not erode capitalFocuses on concept of natural capital and the service that humans obtain from the environment 2 Hedge you investmentsthe simple rule of not to all ones eggs in one basket applies to the environment as wellshould not assume that all the technological optimists eggs are golden and none will have adverse side effects on the environmentDDT was good to kill mosquitoes but it killed other organisms as well and it travelled up the food chain and effects larger organisms too 3 Do not risk more than you can afford to loseRisk management is critical for all environmental policies and the decisions that humans make about environmental actions must take into account the preservation of natural capital If you lose it what are the consequences 4 Buy insurance All prudent persons protect their assets with insurance against unforeseen catastrophic eventsEnvironmental insurance is obtained by setting aside national parks and marine reserves and protecting biodiversityInsurance for ALL valuables car house selfNatures valuables are insured by national parks and marine reservesPrecautionary Principleo Taking anticipatory action in the absence of complete proof of harm particularly when there is scientific uncertainty about causal links o Cannot be certain what the future will look like o We only have estimates o Some conventions have been successful but some havent SuccessfulCFGs found in fridges they found that it ruined the ozone layer and then later it was banned Sustainability o Characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitelyHumanitys investment in a system of living projected to be viable on an ongoing basis that provides quality of life for all individuals of sentient species and conserves natural ecosystems o Sustainable development development of economic systems that last indefinitelyYukon September 2007 o White Spruce killed by spruce bark beetle outbreak o Spruce beetles were always there but recently they decided to kill spruce o Since weather is warm beetles arent freezing or dying
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