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Biological Sciences
Joanne Nash

1student seminar paper Alzheimers DiseaseREFERENCE Tampellini et al 2009 Synaptic Activity Reduces Intraneuronal BetaAmyloid Promotes APP Transport to Synapses and Protects against BetaAmyloidRelated Synaptic Alterations Neurobiology of Disease 29 9704 ALZHEIMERS DISEASEoBetaAmyloid AB plaques intracellularly and extracellularlycardinal feature of ADoAB accumulationsynaptic pathologydecrease synaptic plasticity and synaptic proteinsosynaptic damagecognitive decline in AD patientsointricate relationship between extracellular and intracellular AB pathogenic mechanism that involves the two components not identified yetoRecent researchsynaptic activity increased secretion of AB into EC spacecontradictory bc known that cognitive stimulation decreases AD progression oTampellini et al 2009 attempt to demonstrate that the effects of EC AB on synapses require gammacleavage processing of APP produces new intracellular ABassess effects of neuronal stimulation on both types of ABoIC AB is involved in physiological dysfxn cognitive decline and neurotoxicityoStimulation hippocampal neurons glycineLTPIC AB decreased while EC AB increasedoEC AB shown to regulate IC AB via gammasecretase processing of APPoSynaptic stimulation induces anterograde transport of APPvontaining vesicles to synapse after processing results in secretionoshown that EC AB reduced LTP induced LTD and alters synaptic structure and protein levels in vivo and in vitrooGlycine LTP is used not really seen in human brain just to see effects drasticallyo Further research these resultscontradictory to what has been found in the past about how cognitive stimulation is needed to stave off ADosmall amount of AB may be beneficial it could be the clearing mechanism that is impaired as you age oEx vivo electrical stimulation by glycineNot really whats seen in the brain oUsed hippocampal slices of mouse brainbeneficial to determine effects of stimulation while animal alive oshould have also looked at how synaptic activation activates neprilysin the protease responsible for degrading AB
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