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Heinz- Bernhard Kraatz

CHMA10 Fall 2011 Practice Midterm 6) Of the following gases, the one with the greatest density at STP Made By: Neha Kanga Qns From: Prentice Hall Practice Site is: A) CH4 B) H2 C) He D) Ne E) NH3 1) Which of the following represents a 1.00 M aqueous solution of glucose (C6H12O6)? 7) The addition of 2.0 g He(g) to a vessel of 10.0 L fixed volume A) 90.0 g glucose per 500 mL water already containing O2(g) at 25 °C and 740 mmHg will: B) 0.180 g glucose per mL solution A) have no effect on the final gas pressure C) 4.5 g glucose per 4.5 g water B) bring the final pressure to just slightly more than one atm D) 10.0 g glucose per 10.0 mL water C) cause the final pressure to exceed 4 atm E) 0.100 g glucose per mL solution D) produce a 20% increase in gas pressure E) cause the final pressure to exceed 2 atm 2) What is the sum of the coefficients when the following is balanced? 8) A gaseous hydrocarbon weighing 0.290 g occupies a volume of KClO3(s) → KCl(s) + O2(g) 125 mL at 25 °C and 760 mmHg. What is the molar mass of this A) 11 B) 10 C) 6 D) 7 E) 5 compound? A) 56.8 g/mol B) 113 g/mol C) 4.76 × 103 g/mol 3) How many grams of a solid mixture containing strontium D) 10.5 g/mol E) 43.1 g/mol chloride would one need to make 558 ml of a 0.100 M strontium chloride solution, if the solid mixture contains 58.6% strontium 9) Butane (C4H10) is used as a fuel where natural gas is not chloride by weight? available. How many grams of butane will fill a 3.50 liter A) 9.52 g B) 6.62 g C) 8.85 g D) 15.1 g E) 5.19 g container at 35.6 °C and 758 torr? A) 69.5 B) 422 C) 8.01 D) 0.138 E) 0.0105 4) Write the net ionic equation for the reaction of lead(II) nitrate and sodium iodide. 10) A 34.8 mL sample of an unknown, water-insoluble gas was A) Pb2+ + 2 NaI(aq) → PbI2(s) + 2 Na
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