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Shadi Dalili

Part I 10 marksMultiple Choice 1 mark each Place your answers in the boxes on the answer sheetAThe structure of doxorubicin a drug widely used in chemotherapy and treatment of cancer is shown belowQuestions 1 to 6 pertain to this structure 31How many sp hybridized quaternary carbon atoms are in doxorubicina 2 b 5 c 0 d 1 e 12 2The hybridization of the oxygen labeled b is23a sp b sp c sp d 2p e none of the above3The bond between carbons labeled c and d is formed by overlap ofwhich type of orbitals on these atoms332223a spC spC d b spC cspC d c spC cspC cd32d spC cspC d 4 How many degrees of unsaturation does doxorubicin have Molecular Formula CHNO272911a 7 b 5 c 13d 9e 145Which best describes the two positions of the substituents on the carbons labeled e and f respectivelya axial axial b equatorial equatorialc axial equatoriald equatorial axial e none of the above 6 The shape at carbon atom labeled a can best be described asa trigonal planar b bent c trigonal pyramidal d lineare tetrahedralBWhich of the following terms best describes the relationship of each pair of molecules belowAnswer questions 7 to 9 using one of the following 6 terms a constitutional isomers b identical molecules ccistrans or EZ isomersd enantiomerse not related different 78OOHOHOH9BrBrBrHHHHBr10Which is the correct IUPAC name for the structure shown on the right a5secbutyl4cyclopropyl7methylnonaneb5secbutyl6cyclopropyl3methylnonanec4secbutyl5cyclopropyl2ethyloctaned5secbutyl4cyclopropyl7ethyloctanee5secbutyl7ethyl3methylcyclopropane
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