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Shadi Dalili

CHMB41HLaboratory Test Preparation Guidelines The following list is a guidelinesummary to help you prepare for your lab test The test is 90 minutes for both practical and written section Approximately half of the test is the practical technique and the rest is theorywritten questions 1 You will be tested on one of 5 techniques you have performed this semester Distillation Extraction Recrystalization Reflux or SolubilitySolvent 2 You will be graded on HOW you perform the techniques according to what you have been taught in the lab and seen on the videos so not just on the final productresult handed in Please watch the lab videos and lab seminar handouts posted to review the techniques and apparatus usesetup ie mp machine refractometer etc before the lab test You should also check the appendix section for definitions and further details on the techniques 3 You should know how to calculate percent compositions theoretical yields and any other forms of calculation you did for your prelab andor on your data sheets 4 You should NOT memorize amounts of reagents as this will be given to you if needed Most important of all is that you UNDERSTAND and not memorize why you did certain steps or used certain re
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