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CHMA11H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dinitrogen Pentoxide, Equilibrium Constant, Joule

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CHMA 11 Mid Term Test- Yellow
Multiple Choice. Choose the one alternative that best completes he statement or answers the
1) What is the edge length of a face-centered cubic unit cell made up of atoms having a
radius of 128 pm?
a) 362 pm b) 1020 pm c) 512 pm d)
2) Which of the following best describes ClF2-? It has a molecular geometry that is
A) Nonlinear with no lone pairs on the Cl atom B) linear with no lone pairs on the Cl atom
c) Linear with lone pairs on the Cl atom. D) nonlinear with lone pairs on the Cl atom
3) Determine
HVap for a compound that has measured vapor pressure of 24.3 torr at
273 K and 135 torr at 325 K
a) 13 kJ/mol b) 79 kJ/mol c) 41 kJ/mol d) 34kJ/mol E)24kJ/mol
4) What are the units of k I the following rate law?
Rate = k[X][Y]1/2
a) M1/2s-1 B) M-1S-1/2 c) M/s D) M-1/2s-1 E) M-1S-1
5) At a certain temperature the equilibrium constant , Kc equals 0.11 for the reaction:
2 ICl(g)
I2(g) + Cl2(g)
What is the equilibrium concentration of ICl when 0.45 mol of I2 and 0.45 mol of Cl2 are initially
mixed in a 2.0-L flask and the mixture is allowed to come to equilibrium?
A) 0.34 M b)0.17M c) 0.14M d) 0.27M
6) What data should be plotted to show that experimental concentration data fits a first-
order reaction?
a) Ln(k) vs Ea
b) Ln(k) vs 1/T
c) Ln[reactant] vs. time
d) 1/[reactant] vs time

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e) [reactant] vs time
7) The henry’s law constant for helium gas in water at 30oC is 3.70 x 10-4 M/atm. When the
partial pressure of helium above a sample of water is 0.650 atm, the concentration of
helium in the water is __________ M.
a) 1.30 B) 3.70 x 10-4 c) 1.76 x 103D) 2.41 x 10-4 e) 5.69 x 10-4
8) How much energy is required to vaporize 98.6 g of ethanol (C2H5OH MW = 46.0 g/mol)
at its boiling point, if its
Hvap is 40.5 KJ/mol?
a) 18.9 KJ B) 11.5 kJ c) 86.7 kJ D) 52.8KJ e)
9) The equilibrium constant is equal to 5.00 at 1300 K for the reaction:
2SO2(g) + O2(g)
If initial concentrations are [SO2] = 6.00 M [O2] = 0.45 M, and [SO3] = 9.00 M, the system
a) Not at equilibrium and will shift to the right to achieve an equilibrium state.
b) Not a equilibrium and will remain in an equilibrated state.
c) Not at equilibrium and will shift to the left to achieve an equilibrium state.
d) At equilibriums
10) The decomposition of dinitrogen pentoxide is described by the chemical equation
4NO2(g) + O2(g)
If the rate of appearance of NO2 is equal to -.560 mol/min at a particular moment, what is
the rate of appearance of O2 at that moment?
A) 0.280 mol/min B) 2.24 mol/min C) 1.12 mol/min D) 0.140 mol/min
11) The aquation of trist(1,10-phenanthroline) iron(ii) acid ___________
Fe(phen)32+ + 3H3O+ + 3H2O
Fe(H2O)62++ 3phenH+
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