CHMA11H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lewis Acids And Bases, Silver Acetate, Chief Operating Officer

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1 Apr 2015
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CHMA11H3 Full Course Notes
CHMA11H3 Full Course Notes
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Increase of co2 - sea water becomes more acidic. Possible consequences - interference w/ deposition of corals, inability of larvae of molluscs to use calcium carbonate from the sea to build their shells. Puts marine food supplies in the food chain at risk. Ability to obtain novel medicinal natural products from marine resources. World population increase - arable land decreases. As expected from henry"s law, increasing concentration of co2 (g) in the atmosphere gives rise to increasing concentration of h2co3 (aq) in sea water with consequent decrease of ph. The equilibrium distribution, through four chemical reactions, b/w carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere and the species co2 (g), h2co3(aq), hco3 the ocean is dependent on ph. Equilibrium b/w gaseous co2 in the atmosphere and co2 dissolved in the sea water, to an extent dependent on the partial pressure of co2 in the atmosphere. Reaction b/w dissolved carbon dioxide and water to form aquated carbonic acid h2co3(aq)

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