CHMB41H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: 2-Step Garage, Paracetamol

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As shown by the zig zag lines drawn on the graph, when a certain composition of the mixture reaches the bp, it is transitioned into a vapour that contain a different composition than the mixture liquid in such that the vapour now contains a larger composition of the liquid component with the lower bp when pure during the fractional distillation, numerous of these re vapourization and re condensations occur until the vapour of the liquid component with the lower bp rise up to the condenser and is condensed to the distillate. Allows for more vapour to condense as it"s travelling down the condenser. if it was at the top then it was condense right away and not a lot of it would be condensed causing the risk of impurities flowing back into the flask and we wouldnt want that now would we: why should a distilling flask at the beginning of a distillation be:

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