CITB04H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sanctuary City, Robert A. Dahl, Elite Theory

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28 Aug 2016

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Definitions: answer the question as directly as possible. 2: explain why it matters for the study of urban politics, if appropriate. Politics always been about power, genesis, acquisition, forms and uses. Also about the dynamic relationship between people and conflict. Study of politics involves the study of government, institutions and public engagement through discussion or partnership (with or against the government) What would urban politics mean: not just about studying urbanized areas, has two components numerosity and propinquity, mentioned in peter john (2009) urban politics. Government has the ability to act" but operates under scarcity and strictness (i. e. things can only get done through strategic openings of governments to the private sectors) Governance: formal and informal network of authority that includes levels of government and other actors (ex. Political strategy means defunding of government to increase the power of capital. The rise of governance" is partly a consequence of a neoliberal counter revolution that began in the 1940s.

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