CITC04H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: New Left Review, Kingsley Davis, Urban Revolution

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Published on 24 Oct 2020
CITA01 Foundations of City Studies
Midterm Exam
Course Instructor: Dr. Ahmed Allahwala
October 22, 9:15-10:45 AM (Eastern/Toronto time)
Please log on to Quercus and come into the Bb Collaborate classroom no later than 9:10 am
on October 22. Being in the classroom will allow you to ask questions.
Online exam on Quercus: The exam including the exam questions will become available at
9:15am sharp in the Assignments section on Quercus. We recommend you compose your
answers in word or a similar software. Make sure you save your drafts regularly (we recommend
every 1-2 minutes). To submit the exam, please cut and paste your answers directly into the text
entry box in the Assignment section on Quercus. We disabled the file attachment function, text
entry in box is the only way to submit your exam.
This is an open book exam.
The midterm exam will cover weeks 1-4 of the term.
You have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
You can use your class notes and course readings when composing your answers.
It is important, though, that you answer the questions using your own words.
Please do not copy directly from the slides or the readings.
It is also important that each student submits a unique answer. It is okay to study
together but make sure you write each answer yourself. The goal is for each student to
demonstrate their individual knowledge.
Please refrain from chatting with other students in the class for the duration of the
exam. Any group chats should remain inactive during the exam.
Aim for one paragraph per answer, between 150 and 200 words.
Four Short Answers (5 marks per questions)
Using your own words, answer four (4) of the following six questions. In your answer, you need
to (1) demonstrate knowledge of required class readings (refer to specific readings in your
answer) and (2) highlight the relevance of topic for the field of urban or city studies (think about
why the topic or the readings has been included on the syllabus for this course).
Required Readings (also read Editor’s Introductions for readings in City Reader)
LeGates, Richard. 2020. “Prologue. How to Study Cities in The City Reader.
Childe, V. Gordon. 2020 [1950]. “The Urban Revolution.” in The City Reader.
Davis, Kingsley. 2020 [1965]. “The Urbanization of the Human Population.” in The
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