CITC16H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Norm (Social), Utopia, Asian Americans

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The production of space is a process. We can identify producers of space, including state institutions, non- governmental actors, civil society organizations, capital and social movements. Lefebvre argues that space is produced in a three-dimensional way that involved: spatial practice, or perceived space. Can be understood as the way in which we link spatial elements to each other: conceived space, or representational space. Associated with the work of planners, scientists, architects, subdividers, speculators, developers. These groups produce representations of space, in the form of maps, plans, signs and images. Planners design spaces that come to dominate people"s lives: lived space, or spaces of representation. Representation is a figurative inversion of conceived space. It is the space that is directly lived by its inhabitants and which produces meaning through the appropriation or domination of space. Refers to the way we produce and display meaning.

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