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University of Toronto Scarborough
City Studies
Dan Dolderman

Regional Plans GENERAL IDEA: Regional planning often walks a fine line between serving the needs of the community, protecting the environment, and taking into account the rights of individual land owners and community members. Depending on the mission statement of the particular planning commission, the group may serve exclusively as an advisory board, as a research arm of the member cities, or as a governmental entity that approves building permits or neighborhood plans in the region or in unincorporated areas of the region. Commissioners should have sufficient knowledge in many areas, including engineering, the environment, transportation,sociology, and geography. Definition: Regional planning deals with the efficient placement of land use activities, infrastructure, and settlement growth across a larger area of land than an individual city or town. The related field of urban planning deals with the specific issues of city planning. Planning act: The Planning Act sets out the ground rules for land use planning in Ontario and describes how land uses may be controlled, and who may control them. TheAct is legislation passed by your elected provincial representatives to: • promote sustainable economic development in a healthy natural environment within a provincial policy framework • provide for a land use planning system led by provincial policy • integrate matters of provincial interest into provincial and municipal planning decisions by requiring that all decisions shall be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement when decision-makers exercise planning authority or provide advice on planning matters • provide for planning processes that are fair by making them open, accessible, timely and efficient • encourage co-operation and coordination among various interests • recognize the decision-making authority and accountability of municipal councils in planning. Official Plan: The Official Plan provides a vision of the future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide its physical development to the year 2021. It is a legal document that addresses matters of provincial interest defined by the Provincial Policy Statement under the Ontario Planni
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