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City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

CITY STUDIESCITB01H3 1112012 100500 PM TTC FARE HIKEWhy 10cent fair hikey Rob Ford says that the hike of 10cents was to fund services They say they can only maintain the current services with a 10 cent riseRoad Tolls y If we pay for public transit shouldnt we pay to drive on the Gardiner o But you pay for roads thru taxes o Federal Gas Taxes o 160 millionwhich goes to the TTC Bike Lanes on Jarvis y Public Works voted to remove the bike lanes y 200000 to remove the extra laneThe objective of this course y Overview of urban planning processesWhat is Planning y Planused in daily life weddings graduation vacation careers babies y What do we do when we plan Think about the future y Plan for meeting needs goals and aspirations usually normative and positive y Plan to prevent death and diseasey Time Management how to get from the present to the state in the future y Desire a future state or outcome and think and strategize how to get from the present to the future outcome and the needs you need to implement this strategy y There are constrains of interference Work constrain on school and graduation Health and Wellbeing etcFormal Definition deliberate social or organizational activity of developing an optimal strategy for future action to achieve a desired set of goalsfor solving novel problems in complex contexts and attended by the power and intention to commit resources and to act as necessary to implement the chose strategyErnest AlexanderWhat is urban planning y Urban planners think about the interrelationship between people objects and ecological processes o Planning for road management how do they go to work where do they go to eat how do they move around in their environment Housing roads infrastructure transit We talk about nature When we USE the city we interact with nature and when we build our projects on the environment y Problems subject matters and specializations o Problem and solution o Car dependency of north American city dwellers is not sustainable how can we make people less car dependanto Need people of different expertise subject matters for different issues The role of the planner might be to negotiate and hear all sides before they present the information They must hear from the specialist in the particular issue before making a plan and showing it to a electoratey Jurisdictions federal provincial regional and municipal o Usually urban planning is done by municipal governments o At Canada planning act is found in the provincial laws and municipalities are given the power thru provinces to do the planning for each location o Federal government has a role if they say they are not going to have a National Housing Strategy for the country it will affect municipalities But if they say we will give some money from the Federal Taxes from Fuel to the municipalities they can use it for planning money y DomainsPlanners ask three questions
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