CLAA05H3 Midterm: Mythology Mid Term

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Church of the flying spaghetti monster aka pastafarianism: anti-religion. Folklore quote: what happens to demonic beings when immigrants move from their home lands. Ancient stories are too scared to come across the ocean much like how christ never could have. Epic of creation (enuma elis): a story describing the creation of the world. In the beginning, time of gods, nothing existed. A hero god created the universe from a corpse of another god. Written in cuneiform script around 3000 bc. Named after the first two words of the story. A text performed during the new years festival called akitu. Purpose: for the king to renew his mandate of rule and for citizens to praise him. Date: 1st millennium bc, but the story was used in seleucid period and still known in the 5th and. Mixed together to create lahmu and lahamu. A(cid:374)d so o(cid:374) ea(cid:272)h god (cid:271)e(cid:272)o(cid:373)e stro(cid:374)ger. Over time the younger generations started to annoy tiamat and aspu.

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