CLAA05H3 Midterm: Midterm Study Guide Lecture 1-2

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12 Dec 2016

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To study, review the myths and answer questions about the characters and plots. You do not need to know specific details from the first lecture on history and geography. That was to give you the historical context for the myths you are learning about. It is important to think about the time and place they were written to better understand the meanings. I will only include a handful of questions from lecture 1 on the midterm. Euphrates river, tigris river, red sea, nile river, Mediterranean sea, the persian gulf, upper egypt, lower egypt, sumer, akkad, assyria, babylonia, Byblos, nippur, thebes, giza, sultantepe, heliopolis, nineveh, memphis, karnak, susa, amarna, abydos, Babylon, uruk, eridu, assur, elephantine, nimrud, hermopolis, dilmun, mari, kutha, fara, sippar, edfu, Egypt (greek term: what the egyptians called egypt referring to the fertile black nile floodplain soil, d rt red lands = aka desert.

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