CLAA05H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Nahrin, Expedition 2, Negan

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Great temple of inanna in uruk called eanna (house of an/or sky: an (anu) sky god. Importance: heroic quest for fame and immortality. The myth is classed as an epic because it features heroic exploits of a dimly historical figure with, one the sidelines, god and goddesses who sometimes take part in the action. We gain an overall impression of free will of man which can fashion its own destiny and occasionally thwart the wishes of heaven. Innana flirts with gilgamesh but gilgamesh turns him down. Alternative version: enkidu asks why gilgamesh is sad, gilgamesh sends enkidu to the underworld without getting caught but enkidu does. People: ninurta god of thunderstorms and showers, some versions have ningirsu, the patron god of gisru, father - enlil, mother ninlil, wife baba, azag - enemy. Importance: tells the story of war against an enemy in the mountains, regulating the tigris, determining the character and use of various stones.

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