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Myth - William E. Pardon The language of religion is different from the language of science The language is not just poetic or rationalistic speculations, but sacred words and models by which one lives The generic term used is myth. We need to first see how it is used as the world-building, world-shaping language of religion. Myth: Approaching the Term Myth has both positive and negative uses Greek word mythos originally meant: anything delivered by word of mouth, such as a statement, an order, a speech or story. Mythos became a word as the most ancient, the original account of the origins of the world, in divine and sacred revelation, of gods and demigods and the genesis of the cosmos; cosmology. Contrasted with epos - the word of human narration or logos the word as rational construction. Current Western culture myth is used in a negative sense, usually the word refers to fantastic, entertaining stories about gods and heroes, the realm of imagination, domain of centaurs, unicorsn and miracles Scientific Culture sees mytho9logy as an archaic, prelogical stage of human cognition.
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