Chapter/lesson 5 - key words - w/ added description

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Classical Studies
Faye Mishna

Key words for Class 5 Egypt 1 The Book of the Heavenly CowHistory Ancient Egyptian text th Originated during Amarna period 18 dynastyMay have originated from the Pyramid texts Purpose Describes reasons for the imperfect state of the world in terms of humankinds rebellion against the supreme sun god Ra aka Re Punishment was inflicted through goddess Hathor or HatHor o Separated from Ra who now resided in the sky on the back of Nut the heavenly cowo This is how suffering and death came in the world 2 Fields of Paradise The Supreme God Ra creates the Fields of paradise for the blessed deadAlso has the tendency to change into many heavenly bodiesAlso does other things For example appoints Geb as his heir hands over the rule of humankind to Osiris etc3 The Destru
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